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The new video for "Nothing lasts forever" was released on new year's day! We're beyond proud of this really epic video, directed in Los Angeles by the amazing Emanuel Garcia but actually shot both in Los Angeles and our hometown Uddevalla. Please make sure you add us on facebook where we always gives you the lastest news!! Check it out!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JQlays1gEJ0


Our new "Fuel for the Kingz" album is out NOW!!
It's a worldwide digital release and you can find it wherever you get your music online today!! There's just too much we'd like to say about this project since it's been such a rollercoasterride for us to do so we'll say nothing at all and let the music do the talking!!

Fuel for the kingz cover


Attention dear friends..
Needless to say, we have waited for a very very long time for this moment
but it's actually finally here..
The album "Fuel for the Kingz" drops on friday the 28th of sept.


Hey everyone!!
Long since last update in here but we're just as modern as most of you people so the place to find us is of course facebook..
Anyway, albumrelease coming up after way too much waiting this fall and a new video for the song "Nothing last forever" has been shot this summer. Video & album drops at the same time!! BUT in the meanwhile, check out the homemade "behind the scenes from our trip to L.A making videos" video for the song "Hellride" :) Enjoy!!!


Finally... People, we give you; Turn it up loud!!

Part 2 from the Tv-interview with KOT down @ the Venice Vintage Bike rally!
The music is the just like on the first episode (check the link below) a rough demo taken from the upcoming KOT album! This song is called "On top of the world" *
Music by Palle & of course lyrics by Zone, Smoove & PB from KOT!!
* The real version of the song does not contain a long instrumental part in the beginning.. Just this special one for the Tv interview!


Check out the new Tv-interview with Smoove, Zone, Paybahk & the mighty boss Tim from our recordlabel ChopperHead Records.
Cool interview but the real surprise is actually the song that's in the background..
It's one of KOTs own called "Born in California" and what you hear is a rough demoversion of it. Guaranteed the only time you will ever hear this early version of the song. Not to be released until next year! Even cooler is that it's written by Palle and the chorus is sung by Andréas!!
Check it out!! http://vimeo.com/31402861


Check out the latest interview with Zone & Palle with Canadian Global Entertainment Mag. http://2011tinasinterviews.globalentertainmentmag.com/FuelheadKOT.html
Shoutout to Tina Wilson for a great interview!!


Shoutout to Hardrock haven for having the guts to promote us!!


Here we go friends, our new video "Turn it up loud" musicvideo/single will be released the 30th of september! This one is just like "The bullet speaks" video directed by Yero Brown!! Shot on a secret location (secret rooftop that is :-) ) downtown L.A with the city skyline in the background..
Perfect setting for a really awesome song!! Here's a sneak peak of it..

Turn it up Loud

Check out Fuelhead at the TV4 Väst news channel... about 2.55 into the news!!


Shout out to our sponsor Xzavier for this;


The video hasn't even been out a week yet and the response has been overwhelming!! The ride has begun!
Thanks for the support each & everyone of you and KEEP spreading the word!
A looooot of stuff coming up but so far we'd like to acknowledge Radio Bohuslän for putting "The Bullet Speaks" straight on their A-list rotation.
Also, Pep Williams the amazing photographer we did a shoot with in L.A for featuring us here http://pepwilliams.shockmansion.com/2011/06/fuelheadk-o-t-the-bullet-speaks/ Stay tuned or as the very first videocomment on youtube says..
The future has spoken!!!


Today is a very very special day for us all.
By all we mean ALL, which include not only Fuelhead featuring KOT & our fantastic management, but EVERYONE who has made this possible for us. Friends, families, mastering granpas, directors, cousins, girlfriends & just extremely helpful people and fans who has been with us on our journey to make this dream come true!! "
The Bullet Speaks" video is way more than just a video. It's a statement that anything is possible no matter genre, no matter music, no matter race and no matter what part of the world you are from...
The sky is the limit! Now sit back and enjoy the ride...


Lots and lots of hard work is starting to pay off in a big way..
We decided to keep our mouths shut until we where done and here we are;
Our new album "Fuel for the Kingz" is recorded, mixed and mastered
and ready to hit the world!!!!!
Right now we're in L.A shooting videos with KOT for the songs
"The bullet speaks" & "Turn it up loud".

Here´s a behind the scenes video from "The bullet speaks" that we shot
with the awesome videodirector Yero Brown down at the L.A river!


Here they are people; Paybahk, Smoove & Zone = Kingz Of Tomaro = K.O.T!!!!KOT


Ok our beloved faithful freinds out there, now where getting somewhere..

First of all, we can't tell you how proud we are to actually have made this project happen since we're not excatly two groups that a major label has put together with a big budget.. This is something combining 2 completely different worlds on 2 sides of the world, made of and with the pure passion for the love of music!

9/10 songs are done by the K.O.T rappers in L.A which means that now it's up to
us to do testmixes of the songs so our management can start showcasing the project for real..
The album is gonna be called "Fuel for the Kingz"
Stay tuned

Photoshoot # 2 with Stina Svanberg is done and the result can be seen here, on our myspace site and on our new facebook site as well! The Bio is updated with a little bit of what has happened this year.. The project with the L.A gangsta rappers K.O.T is working fantastic and you won't believe your ears when you hear it later on..

Check out the Chopperhead interview with FUELHEAD

2009 was a year with a lot of hard work in the silence for FUELHEAD and this year will be pay off.. A lot of cool things is happening and among others is a very unexpected but highly succesful collaboration with some of L.A finest gangsta rappers in the works.. The song we're collaborating on will be the first single from the upcoming FUELHEAD album/EP this spring..
Stay tuned folks!




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